P.O.D - Point Of Difference

A hard-working Sign business; established in 2001, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Custom solutions, innovating ideas, high standards of work, customer satisfaction. Yes, we offer our clients Signage but we too offer Specialized Signage Services. This is what we call our: Point Of Difference.

Many large shopping centres and corporate business units etc. require a specific standard of Signage. Centre Management's usually have strict guidelines as to what type of material / height/ weight/ size specifications their leassee's must abide by in order to satisfactorily comply with the retail and/or office space.


DT Signage has assisted businesses upgrade their retail signage to successfully abide by the sometimes stringent  guidelines. Works of this kind are usually very detailed and specific which is more than often outside the scope of a traditional sign business. We are specialized in the sense that we have building experience and/ or industry contacts to easily comply with such stanards of work.


DT Signage consults directly with Centre Managment on behalf of it's client and creates the impressionable signage both parties seek.

Router Service

As most of our print and fabrication is done in-house; we have machinery and equipment available on hand.


C.N.C Routering -- (on a wide range of substrates):

Aluminium, Acrylics, Wood, PVC, Polycarbonate

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